About Us

Who Are We?


Our Lakeland Baptist Association consists of 43 churches from small to large in the seven counties from the Wisconsin-Illinois border to north of Milwaukee. Our churches consist of African American, European, Ethiopian, Korean, Hmong, and Hispanic. We affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention. We worship in many styles and serve our communities for the sake of the Gospel. We believe God’s Word as it is..all of it. We love God, the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We believe that Christ is our only hope for salvation and are committed to sharing the Gospel to the whole world. We love people no matter who they are. We love each other because we want the world to know the Christ that keeps us in His hands. 


Why Does LBA Exist?


The Lakeland Baptist Association exists in networking  churches to motivate and multiply healthy mission-minded believers. We like to express it simply by saying “serving churches, multiplying disciples.” Our association is all about serving our churches to be strong and healthy in sharing the Gospel to their families, communities and world.